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Revolutionary cooling system is keeping down the heat, and the cost

Published 13 July 2016

Maintaining the temperature of large buildings uses a huge amount of energy, but a new system at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus is doing just this, while using a fraction of the electricity.

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Geothermal Energy - Do you know the benefits and costs?

Published 6 May 2016

As part of a six part series on the environmental impacts of various renewable energies, Dr Aleks Atrens discusses the benefits and challenges of Geothermal Energy in Queensland and Australia, including the main enviromental concerns and exciting projects being led by The University of Queensland in Geothermal Energy. 

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UQ Gatton wins environmental award

Published 23 November 2015

"As part of the strategy, a 50 kilowatt dual technology ground source heat pump was installed to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system of the main campus library, while demonstrating the University’s geothermal research activities."

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Australia offers the perfect learning curve for CST but only with suitable technology

Published 23 July 2015

The experience curve is a simple concept: the more we build of the same technology, the more affordable it gets. This happens because, as we build new systems, we also develop all new ways of producing them simpler, faster, and cheaper.

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Deep Heat: Geothermal Energy an Earthly Power to be Reckoned With Part 2

Published 25 May 2015

The second of a two-part series on geothermal energy investigates whether Australia is making the most of its vast underground potential.

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Deep Heat: Geothermal Energy an Earthly Power to be Reckoned With

Published 18 May 2015

Once upon a time, the earth's natural heat was used by Vikings for bathing in hot springs. Today, countries such as Iceland, New Zealand and the United States use geothermal energy for anything from power generation to the heating of homes, greenhouses and outdoor pools. Take a moment to peer down at the ground: deep beneath you hides an almost inexhaustible supply of low-carbon and completely sustainable energy. Geothermal energy is a largely untapped but universally available and renewable resource with the potential to significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels, the main cause of human-induced global warming.

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17th IAHR International Conference on Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger

Published 08 Jul 2014

The 17th IAHR international conference on cooling tower and heat exchanger is is to be organised by Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence (QGECE) of the University of Queensland and will be held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia from 8th – 11th September 2015.

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2013 Queensland Geothermal Workshop

Published 05 Mar 2013

What is the future for Geothermal Energy in Queensland? Register here to attend annual Queensland Geothermal Workshop to be held on 1 August 2013

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QGECE Seminars

Published 05 Mar 2013

QGECE Seminars for the new semester start on Tuesday, 19 March.

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QGECE participates in new solar research program

Published 08 Feb 2013

The QGECE is a participant in a new solar research program that brings CSIRO and several other selected Australian universities

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